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Cortical Chauvinism

Mitochondria are minute organelles that serve to stabilize intracellular levels of calcium and play a prominent role in mediating a certain type of cell-death, the latter called apoptosis. However, the best known function of these organelles is their role as the so-called powerhouses of the cell. With the sole exception of red blood cells mitochondria are found in all cells of the body. Their role in energy production ties them to almost every cellular process imaginable. When mitochondria do not work properly the resultant lack of energy translates into observable symptoms. These symptoms include, among many others, slowed growth, muscle weakness, paralysis of eye movements, heart/liver disease, diabetes and neurological problems. In some affected females repeated mid- and late pregnancy abortions may be the presenting symptom. For unknown reasons mitochondrial disorders may target a particular organ or many of them. Disturbances in mitochondrial function have been related to a number…

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Trabajando para conseguir recuperar los derechos perdidos No siempre tengo razón, pero cuando la tengo, la tengo
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