The so-called inflammation of autism

Diferencias entre inflamación y respuesta inmune

Cortical Chauvinism

This year I have been able to attend a large number of congresses all over the world. One thing that has struck me is how some people within the medical field use terminology inappropriately. Probably the major culprit is the interchangeable use of inflammatory and immune response. These are specific terms with different meanings. In autism there is little evidence for inflammation but mounting evidence of immune mediated mechanisms. Sometimes these processes make their appearance in tandem, or even work together; however, we should keep their distinguishing characteristics in mind when looking for a cause or trying to design a therapeutic intervention.

Inflammation means “being on fire” (from the Lain “inflammo” meaning “I set alight” or “I ignite”). Think of the word inflammable (something capable of being set on fire) that has a similar root and meaning as inflammation. Depending on the part of the body that is affected the…

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